Kaisei Marathon and Kaisei English School

The students have been busy this year. On November 5, the annual marathon race was held along the Arakawa River. The middle school students ran 5 km and the high school students ran 8 km. A fun day was had by all, made even better by the great weather.

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On Sunday November 15, Kaisei English School was held at the school. Ninety-eight grade three middle school students attended the event. Eight presenters from various fields presented in English, either about their job, what motivated them in life, or a topic of personal interest. Some of the presenters included a professional blues singer, a Japan Times reporter, a Nikkei Shinbun reporter, a movie director, and a university professor. For the day, the students were able to experience what it would be like to participate in an English lecture, as some of them will attend English summer school programs next year, or English business or university lectures after graduating.
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